Roulette Solution

How it works

The roulette rulesheet describes the rules for roulette, as well as features a roulette wheel with letters instead of numbers on the wheel. If teams take a standard American double-0 roulette wheel (or, the roulette wheel in use at the Casino) they will see it has numbers in each position. Reading the letters in order of their corresponding numbers gives:

Bet on all spaces in any region to break even

Doing this allowed teams to gather data and figure out how betting worked. The first thing to realize was that the result of each roll was based on the previous three rolls, shown on the history screen. This allowed for the deterministic results needed to make advantage betting possible. Each of the betting regions used a different property of this history.

  • Colors: The color that appeared the majority of times in the prior 3 rolls wins the next bet. In the case each color appeared once in the last 3 rolls, all squares pay out.
  • Roman Numerals: The roman numerals count the number of odd values rolled in the last 3 rolls.
  • Numbers: The formula to determine the winning number bet is: ((sum of last 3 rolls) % 18) + 1.

Once they know all of these rules, teams can easily win as necessary.


Once the bank was broken, teams received a chip with one of the unlock codes for Word Web.

Design notes


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